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In our facility, scraps resulting in the jewelry manufacturing process and including precious metals, wastes and ingots of different karats are refined with king water / quartation
/ electrolysis method and from 99.95 to 99.99% purity gold and silver are obtained.

The produced pure gold and püre silver are presented in desired karats according to customers’ request in the form of ingots, granules and lining.

Laboratory Services

We present an ambitious stance in the sector with our laboratory infrastructure and expert personnel.

Thanks to high technology analysis devices in our laboratory, analysis of gold and other precious metals from all kinds of solid wastes, solutions and ores can be performed.

We carry authority for making analysis about precious metals and precious stones and giving expertise with its “Private Karat House Certificate of Authority” taken from General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Print House.

Recovery of Precious Metals from Wastes

We recover the precious metals in the wastes of industry with environmental friendly systems, by considering occupational health and safety owing to our “Environmental License” received from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey Republic.

With the service we have given, high efficiency recovery is obtained by providing not only customer satisfaction but also environmentally friendly, without harming the environment and also providing job security.

Production and Recovery of Chemical Salt

• Recovery of Rhodium from Lapping Bath Solution

• Production and Selling of Potassium Gold Cyanide and Potassium Silver Cyanide